Our Wise OWLS are experienced practitioners and academics who have made themselves available to other OWLS members who are seeking confidential advice on a variety of matters ranging from career advice, to work/life balance issues, and other workplace concerns. OWLS will hold several lunchtime forums per year to give members the opportunity to get to know our Wise OWLS in an informal environment and to discuss topical issues. Members are also encouraged to contact a Wise OWL of their choosing directly if they have a specific issue they would like to discuss on a one-on-one basis.

The list of our 2019 Wise OWLS and their contact details are provided below. To view the full profiles of our Wise OWLS (which may help you choose which Wise OWL may be the most appropriate to contact depending on your specific issue) please join the OWLS Facebook group or email us at members.owls@gmail.com.

For more information about Wise OWLS (or if you wish to become a Wise OWL) please contact OWLS via members.owls@gmail.com or phone Karen Billinghurst (021 162 1338).

2019 Wise OWLS

Wise OWLS Photos and Contact List - 2016_Page_1Wise OWLS Photos and Contact List - 2016_Page_2Wise OWLS Photos and Contact List - 2016_Page_3

COMPRESSED Wise OWLS Photos and Contact List - 2016_Page_4

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